Saturday, December 14, 2013

He's Back

So the reports of my demise were a bit premature. I really am alive and well and still in the Sherlockian world of the living. Back in August, I was laid off from my job and for 15 weeks I was on the unemployment dole. It is difficult to justify buying books when one is out of a job, especially books that one cannot read. I did manage to add a few new ones but nothing to write about (pun intended).

Where to start, where to start?

I was one of the guest speakers at the "Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Place" Sponsored by the
Norwegian Explorers and the University of Minnesota. My talk, "He Has the Collection Mania, in it's Most Acute Form" was well received and I had many compliments. Maybe they were feeling sorry for me. I also managed to sell a good number of my book of Sherlockian drawings.

In September I drove to Houston where Lyndsay Faye held a book signing at Murder By The Book. She had a sterling turn-out for the second book, The Secret Seven, about the forming of the New York City police department. I joined her and the owners of Murder by the Book for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before heading back to Dallas.

With Lyndsay Faye at Murder by the Book

Joyce and I enjoying another glass of Oregon Pinot Noir
In October Joyce and I ventured to Portland for our anniversary trip. This was already planned before the stint in the unemployment line so we carried through with our holiday. We met up with Sonia Featherston and she acted as our designated driver, hauling us around the Willamette Valley to a plethora of vineyards. Sonia wrote the 2012 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual and is currently working on a biography of Bliss Austin.
Jerry and Judy Margolin; Marsha Pollak; Moi, Sonia and Ben Featherston; Joyce

We were joined for dinner that night by Sonia's husband, Ben, Marsha Pollak, Judy and Jerry Margolin in Salem, Oregon where Sonia and Ben live.As usual a grand time was enjoyed by all. Joyce and I spent the next day exploring downtown Portland. There was a fun downtown  Saturday local artist's market and of course we had to visit Voodoo doughnuts. This iconic shop is open from 6:00 am to 2:00 am seven days a week. There is an average 30 minute wait regardless of when you arrive. They are noted for their creativity and especially the Bacon Maple log. It did not sound too delicious but never judge a doughnut by its name. This is a treat not to be missed.

VooDoo Doughnuts
The next thing to report is my latest Red Dog painting by Chattanooga artist Mary Lisa Chesnutt. We have a dozen or more of Mary Lisa's paintings and several years ago she painted a Red Dog Sherlock Holmes, then as is the temperament of the artist, she moved on to other artistic projects and refused to revisit the Red Dogs. Finally, about a year ago I convinced her that Red Dog Sherlock Holmes needed his Red Dog Dr. Watson. Mary Lisa came up with a long list of excuses why she never started the promised Dr. Watson painting and out of the blue she called to tell me that Red Dog Dr. Watson was ready for delivery and if I did not like him, she would repaint him. Ha! me not liking anything Mary Lisa does is as likely to happen as I am to sell all of my Sherlock Holmes books. Needless to say, I loved Red Dog Dr. Watson and when he arrived the only issue was where to hang it. We now have 6 of her Red Dog paintings

Red Dog Dr. Watson by Mary Lisa Chesnutt
Well, this caught us up a bit. I am sure I could find some more items but I must save a little something for next. So until then....

Happy Blogging!