Friday, February 7, 2014

Sherlockian After Burners

Here I sit in the Sherlockian Blogger's Slow-Lane and in dire need to kick it into high-gear and get the lead out. At the end of last year, I switched jobs and it has been time-consuming. Don't you just hate it when work/career related issues get the way of 'Sherlocking?'  

For those that are unaware, I was the media darling for a few short weeks. In January, the local ABC affiliate, WFAA's Good Morning Texas ran the piece they did in my library back in March. "Meet a North Texas Man With A Large Sherlock Holmes Collection" aired on January 7, 2014. Here is the link to that particular video.

Steve Mason. Herb Linder, Don Hobbs, Joe Fay, Stu Nelan.
Following that bit was my annual New York City trip to attend the Sherlock Holmes Birthday Celebration Weekend. The Texas contingent went in full force and represented our state in excellent manner. I attended the Distinguished Lecture along with a roomful of other like-minded Sherlockians. This year's Distinguished Speaker was Dr. James O'Brien , emeritus professor at Missouri State University and author of Edgar Award winning The Scientific Sherlock Holmes. Afterwards, I headed off to the The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Ball, where I presented a toast to Altemont in Mock German. The Baker Street Babes sponsor this event to raise money for the Wounded Warriors. 

On Friday I was off to the Mysterious Book Shop where I ran into Ray Betzner. He was speaking to a young lady and then told her she should speak with me. It turned out she was a reporter for the London Guardian and was there to do a piece in conjunction with PBS' Sherlock season 3 premiere on that Sunday evening in the USA. Here is that article. I have been getting some grief because in the article, I am referred to as the 'legend' Don Hobbs - go figure. Here is that link:

Don Hobbs and Sonia Fetherston, BSI - The Solitary CyclistD
Friday rolled around and I attended the BSI Dinner held at the Yale Club. My friend Sonia Fetherston revived her schilling as The Solitary Cyclist. It was a joy to witness her sheer delight. The dinner was exceptional this year and full of surprises. You will have to ask someone else to reveal those surprises to you because my lips are sealed.

The cast of usual suspects appeared at O'Lunney's Irish Pub where the tradition of staying until at least 2:21 in the morning was well heeded and exceeded. Everyone there exercised their livers quite sufficiently. 
A few of the O'Lunneytics

My Saturday morning was spent in the Dealer's Room where I shared a table with some of the Dallas Sherlockians. I sold many copies of my Sherlockian art book and some of the blank note cards I created from covers of some of the more interesting foreign editions in my collection. I also made matching envelope liners.

CBC Sunday Morning News aired the piece that Mo Rocco did in January 2013. Once again, I had good on-camera time and since most of the Sherlockian community knew that it was going to run, I was the toast of the town during the Sunday Morning Brunch held later that morning. FYI, here is that link: 

According to the late Andy Warhol, everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame. I must be extra special because I had my forty-five minutes of fame during January. Now I will just have to slide back into the slow-lane. Well at least until the next round.

Happy Blogging!