Friday, April 19, 2013

Panjabi Kemo Sabe

I love being a Sherlockian in general and collecting foreign translations of the Canon in particular. Being a Sherlockian has opened up a very interesting world full of interesting people.

Filed under the snowball effect:

My friend and fellow Dallas Sherlockian, Joe Faye, asked me to speak at The Second Tuesday lecture series at Heritage Auctions on December 11 and this led to The Dallas Morning News interviewing me. That article ran on December 31, 2012. From that article I was interview by WealthPoint, a site dedicated to collectors. I was also asked to speak at the Annual Gathering of Mensa in July and at the University of Minnesota Sherlockian conference” Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Place.”
You can see the snowball growing.

In January, after the DMN article, a girl from my little town of Flower Mound emailed me and offered to look for a Telugu book, which is her native tongue, when she traveled to India in February. Last week, I was following up on some older emails and realized she never contacted me again so I sent her a short message. As I expected, she was not successful in her quest to locate the elusive Telugu translation. I decided to search. In a series of emails between us, I suggested that I might not have the exact spelling of the one known Telugu Sherlockian translation. With that being said I did a search of the title, Neraparisodhana and discovered the exact title was listed on the National Library of India’s webpage.

As an added bonus, the library listed a second Telugu translation, Sherlock Holmes kathalu published by Jaihind Pracurana. The contents of this book are not listed. As I searched the rest of the library’s entries for Conan Doyle, I found a Panjabi title, Rase/ Arthur Conan Doyle. I am not 100% sure if this is a Sherlock Holmes title or simply a Doyle title. I have taken the liberty to add it to The Galactic Sherlock, bringing the total of known translations to ninety-nine, if it holds up as being a Sherlockian translation.

See the snow ball effect just continues to roll down the hill, gaining mass and weight as it goes. I will be glad when the Panjabi translation is either confirmed or denied. Regardless of the outcome, I will still love being a Sherlockian

Happy blogging!!

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