Monday, April 22, 2013

Sherlocking in Portugal

Joyce and I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday April, 19. We rested up and explored a bit around our neighborhood before crashing for the evening.

When Saturday dawned we were energized and ready for discovering our new city. Down the street a block and a half was Há café no Alfarrabistra “Old Books and Coffee”, a fine place to break our fast. This little coffee bar served pastries and local Joe called bica. They also sold old books. A quick search netted a copy of Sherlock Holmes in Portuguese, a book already in my collection, but I bought it nonetheless.

Há café no Alfarrabistra “Old Books and Coffee”

My first Sherlock Holmes find in Portugal and alas I already have a copy.

Our main goal on Saturday was the Flea Market at Feira da Ladra. We had to climb the local equivalent of the Alps to get there but it was worth the climb. Joyce found some nice tile pieces and I found more Sherlock Holmes, another one that I already owned. I did pass on a copy of Jô Soares’ pastiche, O Xangô de Baker Street. At least the return journey was a downhill saunter.

Next up was a visit to Liviraria Bertrand, the oldest bookstore in Portugal that was founded in 1732, the same year George Washington was born! This beautiful shop fills an entire block. The outside of the building is nearly as awesome as the inside. The blue and white tile exterior is stunning in the Portuguese sunlight. I bought Obras Completas de Sherlock Holmes #1: Um estudo em vermelho/Os sete mistérios  which is a part of a six volume set. It was the only volume missing in my collection. As luck would have it, on the street beside Liviraria Bertrand, there was a street market selling books and I found and bought  the same book only it was 9€ less.

In front of Liviraria Bertrand, founded in 1732.
On the diagonal corner from the Liviraria Bertrand was yet another bookshop. I ventured in there and came out with another five volumes of Sherlock Holmes. The fellow working the counter and I started talking as he spoke perfect English. I explained that I collected Sherlock Holmes in translations and he offered to help me find older editions. We exchanged email addresses and now I will see if he is as good as his word.

We made it back to our apartment in time to do some Face-Time with the Crew of the Barque LONE STAR, back in Dallas. It was the monthly meeting so we were able to present the toast to the Queen.  All in all, our first full day in Portugal was a success, especially on the Sherlockian front.

Happy blogging!!

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